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JBB Designs can operate as your architect, architect and interior designer, or as your architect, interior designer and build firm. We welcome collaboration and inclusion of your preferred services providers, but in the event that our clients may want end-to-end service we have a partnership with a build firm that shares our high-standards for continuing creating a fun, easy and positive customer experience.

We’ve created this partnership because our clients need for high-quality design and high-quality construction. In this busy market, we find that the quality of building has diminished. Because of this experience, we’ve formed a design build entity that ensures ongoing architect, designer, builder and vendor collaboration from the start to the finish.

The design build team, without compromise, embraces the values of having the highest standards of client care and unprecedented quality of construction. The relationship allows us to have control of the construction process, allows continued transparency to our clients, gained efficiencies saving time and costs.


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