The building and its interiors have a responsibility to its environment, natural and urban, as well as its occupants. This results in a particular design solution, unique to each project. This concept permeates to its interior, providing a setting for the different uses within. JBB gives a heightened level of attention to proper scale and proportion for each building envelope: interior spaces, the finishes, furnishings, and lighting; all of which can be custom designed by the firm. The projects composition of forms, use of varied materials, and the manipulations of color throughout identify the work of JBB.

The interiors are approached as designing optimally functioning solutions. Furniture is typically made up of a combination of built-ins and independent pieces that help establish a hierarchy among the different spaces. Built-ins are often extensions of the exterior penetrating into the interior. Some furnishings are free-standing sculptural shapes that generate specific dynamics within a room.

JBB has chosen to remain a small boutique firm which builds a team unique to each job to maintain a close contact and control of every aspect of the project, from larger issues at the Schematic stage, to careful attention to smaller details and budget concerns.