Full Service Design Build Firm

Jeffrey Bruce Baker Designs can operate as your architect, interior designer, and build firm.

We welcome collaboration and inclusion of your preferred services providers, but in the event that you may want end-to-end service, or design build, we have a partnership with a build firm that shares our high-standards for continuing creating a fun, easy and positive customer experience.

The benefits of JBB Design Build Services are:

  • Design is not compromised due to transition to alternative teams
  • Higher quality controls and accountability
  • Process enables designing and building within your desired budget
  • Transparent communications between you, your designer and builder
  • Increased collaboration between design, interiors and build teams
  • Gained cost efficiencies
  • Efficiencies gained, yield shorter time to complete new construction

We’ve created this partnership because our clients’ need for high-quality design and high-quality construction. In this busy market, we find that the quality of building has diminished. Because of this experience, we’ve formed a design build entity that ensures ongoing architect, designer, builder and vendor collaboration from the start to the finish. This allows us to maintain superior customer service and quality across all facets of the design build process.

The design build team, without compromise, embraces the values of having the highest standards of client care and unprecedented quality of construction. The relationship allows us to have control of the construction process, allows continued transparency to our clients, gained efficiency saving time and costs.

Planning, Strategy and Budgets

Commercial and Residential projects require data, understanding of data and planning in order to achieve our clients’ goals. JBB sees design as strategy in action and focuses on achieving the results our clients require by using its knowledge of code, collective experiences, in-house data, third-party data to inform decision and mitigate risks.

Every JBB carries out basic and applied research, on elements of direct benefit to our clients. The purpose always is to create value that maximizes design’s full potential based on our client’s goals and budget.

JBB maintains its own construction costs database and purchases third-party Means and Construction data to inform our clients and develop strategies for our projects to ensure budgets are respected, goals are achieved and provide transparency to our clients.

Analysis of costs, code and sites are critical and provide our clients with data prior to investing in development of properties and throughout the design and construction process keeping projects within budget. JBB partners with clients with the goal of their being successful.

It’s JBB job to help our clients see the whole spectrum of design and to envision the best design solutions for their goals.