Case Studies

Case Study: House of Light

This is the second house we designed at Jeffrey Bruce Baker Designs. The House of Light is unique because the front features a large flat yard that appears to be a very simple site. When you touch the frontline of the house, however, you’re dropping off of a hillside that is incredibly steep. By the time you reach the back edge of this house (which is primarily just one room deep) you are about 40 feet lower in grade. It is built on a very steep mountainside.

The owner refers to the homestyle as Miami-esque and they prefer white and […]

Case Study: Neo-Classical Home

This was an incredibly heavy renovation. This is a 1950s ranch home that had a particularly high roof, which was useful in our case. The homeowners are very sentimental about the house and did not want to tear down and build new, but they preferred French architecture. So in this house, before, there was a series of very odd rooms, you would come into a tiny entry, you could barely squeeze by one another and then there was a massive living room. To the right was a tiny dining room that could barely seat six people. Behind the dining […]

Case Study: Nestled Modern Retreat

This house has one of the simpler yards we’ve worked with. It’s a very flat yard that comes up and creates a little hill and then goes down in the back. Instead of just popping the house on top of the hill, we wanted to have more of a connection with the yard. This is something I talk a lot about with our clients in architecture. How do we take the uniquenesses of the lot and let it inform the house design? We nestled the house down and created a beautiful stepping garden. It features a retaining wall with […]

Case Study: Hillside Modern Home

JBB was the architect, interior designer and custom furnishings designer for this hillside modern home. About half of the furnishings were custom designed and fabricated by JBB Designs and the other half of the furnishings and artwork was sourced and collected by JBB interiors.

This home posed a challenge because the site had a dry creek and a water run-off from the hill behind. This dry creek runs diagonally through the middle of the property, deeming much of the land unusable. The creek also takes on massive amounts of water, during rainstorms, from the large hillside neighborhood beyond. To accommodate […]

Case Study: Treetop Modern

This project is really all about trees. The house is tall and is set upon a hillside among many established groupings of hardwood trees. The linear architecture and organization of the columns, and the height and different bays of the house are like a forest. It’s this series of tall elements that create the vertical visual of the home. The windows are stacked many times, emphasizing the slenderness of very tall trees.

The most literal representation of trees is the house staircase which sits at the center of the home. Accompanying the staircase is a split-level landing: the living […]