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Listening and how to create a bond with clients as an architect

by Jeffrey Baker, AIA, ASID

My addiction to creating design solutions begins when a client or prospective client first articulates their needs and desires for a project. My heart races as the possibilities churn like a slot machine reel in my head. As more and more detail is provided, I begin to internally visualize the organization of functions for the spaces and understand what the form looks like in three-dimensions (3D). When I can successfully see the vision and convey it back to the client is the point when we fall in love with the project… now I’m hooked and so […]

Finding the future of drafting

by Lucas Miskura

Here at JBB (architecture + interiors), we have spent the past year developing and improving the experience we bring to our residential, commercial and hospitality clients. While offering a full-service design from architecture to interior design to custom furnishings, we have seen the need to evolve. We are now partnering to grow our business and will be able to offer a separate design-build firm, EXP Developments. As the need for more building information and greater details grows, so does the technology to produce it. The staple of most architecture and design firms has been AutoCAD (Computer Aided Drafting), […]